Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Design Method 3 - Respective Topics

The following are the list of respective topic for Design Method 3:


Alvin Chang Huai Zhi - How Wide In Multitouch
Cruz Chan - Online Shopping
Chong Huey May - Tangible Interface (Full-body Movement)
Chuah Chau Huat - Short Form Video
Erdenechimeg - Communication Through Performance Art
Hani Suraya - Mass Collaboration (Global Participant)
Joyce Lim Peih Wern - How To Communicate With Color Blind
Kiew Kong Wei - Information Design
Lee Jenn Jih (Joel) - Mind-reading Technology
Lee Yen Shing - Augmented Reality
Leong Yuet Mun - Design For Mobile Media
Li Tze Khin - Tangible Interface
Lim Hendry - Smell/Scent For Interactive & Communication
Lim Peh Yee - Social Network
Lim Yi Jun - Functional Interactive Design
Oh Keat Cher - Virtual Reality
Tan Yew Pong (Glenn) - Human Handwriting
Wong Zhen Yi - Holography
Ting Tiew Soon - Word Of Mouth
Tan Siew Joo (Colleen) - Right Or Wrong Information In Internet


Hor Chun Sin - Human Computer Interactive
Kevin Low - The Online Community
Lee Seh Keng - Tangible Interface
Lee Wei Kuang - Holographic Technology
Lew Wei han - Online Game
Lim Wei Sheng - Tangible Interface
Lim Yeu Jian - Experiential Marketing
Low Chee Kuan - Augmented Reality
Olivia - Digital Fashion
Phang May Yuin - Experience Marketing
Ruzanna - Mass Collaboration
Samantha Teoh - Media Performance
Shum Wai Loon - Interactive Web
Wong Kae Jun - Gaming
Wong Loong Cheong - Multitouch
Yeo Zen Yoong (Gabriel) - Robot
Angela - Sixthsense


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