Friday, November 27, 2009

TOA Student Night - Kaleido

Dear ALL,

TOA are going to have a TOA Student Night - Kaleido on 29 Jan 2009 (Friday), 7:00p.m, at Holiday Subang Villa.

Those who are interested may visit for more information and may purchase the tickets from Chau Huat, Glenn or Hani.

I personally would encourage you all to join the 'Prom Night' where I believe it might be 1 of our unforgettable memory of TOA life.
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Motion Graphic Design - Final Presentation

Date: 3 Dec 2009 (Thurday)
Time: 9:00a.m (MM78-2); 1:00p.m (MM78-1)

5 minutes Presentation
1. Progress
  • Research (mood board)
  • Style frame
  • Story board
2. Outcome (at least 30 seconds)

Presenter's List (MM78-1):
1. Chau Huat
2. Hani Suraya
3. Kelvin Soo
4. Pei Yi
5. Alvin Chang
6. Joyce Lim
7. Chimeg Erdene
8. Yi Jun
9. Yen Shing
10. Tze Khin
11. Hendry
12. Kwong Wei
13. Keat Cher
14. Joel
15. Yuet Mun
16. Scott Lim
17. Huey May
18. Cruz
19. Zhen Yi
20. Glenn
21. Colleen
22. Tiew Soon

*anyone form MM78-2, if possible please sent me the list of your class that Jason has arrange so that I able to post on our blog as reminder. Thank you.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Videolab Rules and Regulation

by kenny

Videolab Rules and Regulation

• This lab is only for multimedia students who will be utilizing it for
video production, compositing, audio editing and dvd-authoring only.

• Multimedia Design students are required to book the workstation at
Operation Department before utilizing the facilities.

• Students who are caught entering the videolab and utilizing the facilities
without booking will be asked to leave immediately.

• Lab facilities are meant only for students to work on their college assignments.

• In the event that lecturers need to conduct classes, students are required to give
full co-operation to the lecturer. A notice will be placed outside the door as
advance notice.

• Usage of the lab is only available from 9am till 12am during weekday and
9am till 6pm on Saturday.

• If any lecturers, Operation and/or IT personnel finds out any misbehaviour of the
students during the facility booking period, they have the authority and the right
to ask the students to leave immediately.

• Strictly No food and beverages inside the Videolab.

• Students must report to Operation and IT dept immediately should they
encounter any problem with the facilities.

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Motion Graphic Design - Presentation

Dear ALL,

A reminder to ALL that next Thursday (3 Dec 2009) is the presentation for our Motion Graphic Design project - Speak Up. We are strongly advised to render our motion graphic a day before presentation.

Thank you.
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Advanced Digital Video - Presentation

Presentation and submission of DVD video and Video Data for out Advanced Video project will be postponed to week 14. Pre-screening will be as dated on tomorrow (24 Nov 2009).

Thank you.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Design Method 3 - Mini Exhibition

Dear ALL,

A reminder that on 30 Nov 2009, will be the Mini Exhibition for our Design Method 3. Details are as below:

Event: DSM Mini Exhibition
Date: 30/11/09 (Monday)
Time: 9:00a.m - 10:00a.m (Setting up); 10:00a.m - 1:00p.m (Exhibition)
Venue: Base on the venue that each group has chosen
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Advanced Digital Video - Pre-screening

Dear ALL (those who taking ADV),

Just received an email from Kenny reminding us that next Tuesday (24 Nov 2009) is the Pre-screening for our videos. Venue will be the same at MM Lab 1.

Thank you and ALL THE BEST.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motion Graphic Design - Class Postponement

by Jason Ong & Joanne KokDear MM 78-1/2 (MGD)

Kindly be informed that our class on Thursday 19/11/09 will be postponed as the campus will be closed to mourn the passing of our beloved dean of studies Ms Veronica Ho.

Kindly note the new date and time for the replacement class:

Date: Monday 23/11/09
Time: 9am – 12pm (MM78-2)
4.30pm – 7.30pm (MM78-1)
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3D For Multimedia - Combine Class

Dear ALL (those who taking 3D For Multimedia),

MM78-1 and MM78-2 will have combine class on this Wednesday (18 Nov 2009) from 5:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. due to school close on Thursday (19 Nov 2009).

Thank you.
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Design Method 3 - No Lecture Class (17/11/09)

Dear ALL,

As per the schedule given to us, there will be NO lecture class for DSM3 today (17 Nov 2009).
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Design Method 3 - No Lecture

Dear ALL,

Just a reminder to all that next Tuesday (10/11/2009), there will be NO lecture class.

So all the best in our projects.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lost Thumbdrives

Hi there, i've got a friend lost her thumbdrives in MMlab 1 at friday(30/10/2009) night. So, i think some of you guys who having Advanced Digital Media class on yesterday(saturday, 31/10/09) might saw it. So, please help me if you saw. Thanks!


Lost thumbdrives: Lost two thumbdrives, 1 is purple color kingston 4gb n 1 is sandisk silver 1gb. Both of them tided together with the toa orange stripe.

Venue: MMlab 1.

Place she sat: Middle roll, second pc facing the door.

Time she lost: Friday(30/10/2009) night arround 7.30pm.

Rewards if you found it: I'll give you my kisses...wuahaha

Thanks! =D
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3D For Multimedia - Project 1 Pre-Screening

Dear ALL (3D Class)

Next 3d class is your project 1 pre-screening where you only need to render at 640x480 only with 5 different camera angle. As for submission you need to render at 1754x1240 instead of 3508 x 2480 with 5 different camera angle and TIFF file format.

Next week you also need to show us your project 2 idea. Please show us in digital storyboard so that we can view it on the projector. The following week together with project 1, you need to present your project 2 final idea before you move on to the production.

by Kenny

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