Monday, July 12, 2010

Final Project Studio 2 External Assesment

Dear ALL,

As per instruction from Sweii and Kenny,

Video and animation group will be having setup, testing and transfer files on Thursday (15th July 2010) from 5.00pm till 6.00pm. Presentation time will be from 6pm till 9pm. Others presenters (web and interactive group) need to attend this presentation too.

Video and animation group:

Soo Sip Sean

Lee Yen Shing

Wei Sheng

Alvin chang

Huey May


Joyce Lim

Hendry Lim

Tiew Soon

Whereas, Friday presenters (web and interactive) need to come at 9am on Friday (16th July 2010) to start to transfer files. Presentation will start at 9.30am. Video and animation group need to attend this presentation too.

On the 16th after the presentation all students are require to come back to dismantle the gallery. The dismantle will be from 5pm and the gallery will close at 6pm.

Thank you.

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Monday, July 5, 2010


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

MM78 photoshoot time

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Industry Practice Presentation

by Joanne Kok

Dear MM78-1/2

Kindly note that your final presentation will be held on the following:

Date: Tuesday 13th July 2010
Time: 1pm: Copy files | 2pm-4pm: Presentation
Max 10 mins per group
Lecturers Assessment: 40%

Presenters list flow:
1. Agenda Solutions
3. 8TV
4. United Voice
5. Huevisualab
6. MERCY Malaysia

Final Date for Submission: Friday 23rd July 2010
- weekly status report (wk 1-7)
- group meeting minutes (if any)
- project workbook compilation
- digital files & final project outcome (dvd)

Please email me ( if anyone’s unclear of anything. Thank you and best regards!

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