Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graduation Campaign

Hello classmates,

Those who haven't pay RM50, Please do so before Wednesday.
I'll be in college whole day on Tuesday, feel free to visit me ^_^

Please give 3 second hand and still usable item on this Wednesday.
Pass them to Jia Voon's house at 3, Jalan pjs 9/28.

Thursday get the accreditation form from me.
This form contains 40%marks. The form is for you to note down each time you participate in any activities and get signature from me to verify it.

Scott, Fafa, Colleen, Yuet Mun, Fanny, Chimeg
I need a photocopy of your 'Best Work Showcase & Selection Form'. Wai Khong give last time.

And remember to collect old news paper, magazines, cardboard boxes etc. for Recycling campaign ^^
If we cannot reach 5feet = almost as tall as human, then we will be fine Rm20 per class.


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