Thursday, January 14, 2010

AWD - Email from Eugene

Hi All,
Just a reminder for this coming lesson, for your project ideas, please do research on your topic before thinking of the solution.
research interms of
Newspaper reading
  1. Why they don't read
  2. What are they interested in
  3. How's other country doing
  4. What do they read
Low Sugar,
  1. The highest consumption of sugar (when, what food...)
  2. Audience behavior, attitude
  3. how is other country doing
Lung Cancer
  1. What is the main cause
  2. way to reduce lung cancer: food nutrision, diet programs..
  3. audience behavior
  4. campaign runs by other country
  1. how to keep toilet clean
  2. how is other country doing
  3. audience behavior..
also more if you found article or facts that is intersting, this might help you to come up with a good concept..
Good luck


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